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manifestHERdaily YouVersion Bible App Plans have been read by more than 200,000 people since launching on the app in October 2021, when Erin Marie, aka BWFwoman, expounded on her daily Instagram posts to create a series of daily devotionals for Christian women.

Through each of the 10-day plans written for YouVersion, BWFwoman explored Biblical concepts, providing a practical application for daily implementation. manifestHERdaily makes the spiritual practical on YouVersion, while encouraging you to experience the beauty that Christ has for you.

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I AM a Ready Woman

A Morning Meditation Series From manifestHERdaily

Prepare yourself for purpose and receive a fresh anointing of God’s grace, anticipating His best for you as you meditate on the Word of God in this series.

Daily affirmations help you gain confidence in God, increase your trust, and provide peace and reassurance that you have purpose and that God is working all things together for your good.

I Am a Wise Woman

A Morning Mediation Series by BWFwoman

This compilation of daily devotionals is centered on the affirmation “I AM a Wise Woman”, written by @BWFwoman.

Enjoy a new opportunity to meditate on the Word of God through this series of wisdom-centered devotions and “I AM” affirmations designed to help you gain wisdom, radiance, grace, and joy, and discover internal and external beauty – a fulfilled life in Christ.


Becoming Fully Committed

How many times have you started working towards a goal, only to get so busy or distracted by life that your goal remains that—just a goal.

Would you like to understand God’s perspective on your goals? Do you want to discover the secret to experiencing it all without adopting the “hustle culture” mentality? This plan empowers you to become committed and consistent at goal achievement God’s Way.


Creating Captivating Clarity

Do you find yourself fighting worry or anxiety and wishing you could see your next steps more clearly?

Worry and a lack of clarity happen when we remove focus from God and start focusing more on other things – or other priorities in our lives. Clarity is the natural result when you choose to refocus on God. Learn how to create captivating clarity in this 10 Day Plan from BWFwoman.

I Am Clear on My Purpose

A Morning Meditation Series by BWFwoman

This compilation of daily devotionals centers on the affirmation “I AM Clear on my Purpose” by BWFwoman.

Enjoy a new opportunity to meditate on the Word of God through this series of purpose-centered devotions and “I AM” affirmations designed to help you be clear on God’s purpose for you.

The Shift

Becoming a Woman Who Moves When God Moves

We know that God’s Word cannot return void, but how do we ensure that we don’t miss our moment?

Through this compilation of ten daily devotionals from the manifestHERdaily teaching series by BWFwoman, you can learn to become a woman who moves when God moves. Start your day powerfully, through this series, and gain hope and belief by refocusing on Christ and meditating on the Word of God.