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Whether you’re looking to dive deep into self-discovery, elevate your spiritual connection, or manifest your dream life, I’m here to guide and support you every step of the way.

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Manifestation Masterclass

A Masterclass to create a custom plan that is aligned with God's Word and your desires for your life, without a vision board and even if you have no idea where to start.

Manifestation Masterclass is not just a program; it’s a transformational experience, meticulously designed to ensure you grow, stretch into your greatness, and flow into a life of abundance. Welcome to a journey of true transformation.

I’m here to guide you passionately, ensuring you have unwavering support at every stage. Dive into the manifestHER Circle, our empowering community of global women, ready for accountability, inspiration, and collective growth.

Engage in our Group Coaching Calls for real-time, personalized guidance as you progress through the Masterclass and refine your Manifestation Letter. Celebrate victories, set ambitious goals, and immerse yourself in the supportive energy of our expert-led community.

With 30 days of implementation, you’ll unlock live coaching sessions for accountability, mindset mastery, and a profound understanding of actualizing your Manifestation Letter. You’re not just joining a program; you’re stepping into a transformative journey. Let’s manifest your extraordinary life together!

with this program, you will...

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“Erin is my forever hero.”

Every week of the class was a powerful experience to me and it seemed the more I leaned into doing the work each week the richer the experience and results. I was asked to be on a Podcast of someone who is on an OWN TV show. Having a group of women from all different backgrounds in life that I could share this journey with was amazing. Erin was my biggest gift because she was the perfect model for me on how to deal with people and most of all her humility.

- Kimberly W.

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If you want more for yourself, this Manifestation Masterclass will definitely help get you there.

When I started…I lacked direction. By separating my life using Erin’s method, I was able to focus on each aspect of my life, one at a time. This process redirected my ability to truly get a grasp on my full life. I am forever grateful for this process and I will be doing this every year!

- Maria Antoinette

Beauty and Wellness Influencer, Knoxville, TN

your gateway to an extraordinary life

Relationship Masterclasses


Manifest Your Kingdom Marriage

You’ve been wondering if there’s a better way to reach your relationship goals. You’re TIRED of waiting. At the same time, you want to be in alignment with God’s will for your life…but is what you want what He wants for you too?

You need a solution. And you want to see results. I understand – because I’ve been there. You work hard, and you feel you deserve to see progression.

With this masterclass, you will achieve the relationship goals God inspires you to achieve by implementing empowering Biblical techniques that will authentically shift your words and your thought life, naturally aligning it with the Word. Experience extraordinary shifts, miracles and manifestations.

“Blessed is she who believed that there would be a fulfillment of the things that were spoken to her from the Lord” Luke 1:45


Cultivating Your Feminine Energy

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s not uncommon to feel distanced from one’s intrinsic feminine nature. Recognizing this challenge, I have meticulously crafted the “Cultivating Your Feminine Energy” program, tailored specifically for individuals seeking femininity in its purest form. This program is designed to guide you on a structured journey of rediscovering the innate grace and resilience that define femininity. 

Drawing from my extensive experience and research, this masterclass offers a combination of theoretical knowledge and practical exercises to help you harness your feminine energy and integrate it into every facet of your life. I invite you to explore this transformative experience and achieve a harmonious balance in both your personal and professional spheres.

“She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future.” Proverbs 31:25


BWFwoman’s Renew Retreat provides what you deserve—to renew your mind, fuel your body, and elevate your spirit and soul.

You give so much to others every day, and you’ve been wanting an escape from your normal. You want to surround yourself in luxury while enriching your spirit, and you know you deserve and need a vacation. But what if you took this time for yourself and discovered ways to enrich your life so that you feel better, look better, and process your life experience on an elevated level? At the Renew Retreat, your time will be invested well—not only with beautiful surroundings, but with luxury, laughter, and relaxation.

We invite you to renew with us as we travel throughout the United States—and the world. You’ll receive your restoration from the abundance that will surround you, and you’ll return home fully restored. Rediscover your beautiful, wild, free self.

MHD Weekend Experiences

In 2025, BWFwoman will be offering a NEW weekend experience, featuring teaching based on the manifestHERdaily Journal combined with the luxurious experiences that our events are known for. You can attend Friday night only for an immersive, clarifying teaching experience like you’ve never experienced before, or you can attend Friday night through Sunday afternoon and enjoy excursions, more sisterhood and connection, delicious food, gifts, and more life-changing teaching experiences with BWFwoman.

2024 Destination

Serenbe in Atlanta, GA

OCTOBER 3-6, 2024

Price starts at $2750. Payment plans available.