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More joy, more peace, and more success through Christ.

I’m erin marie, your mentor on this journey

I’ll show you the path to creating a mindset that has helped thousands of women succeed in life, relationships, marriage, love, finances, health and so much more.

Are you ready? Let’s begin.

for women who want more

for women who want more

for women who want more

for women who want more

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Whether you’re seeking to deepen your understanding of Christ’s teachings, build resilience through faith, or nurture an abundance mindset rooted in gratitude, our guides are tailored to support your spiritual growth.

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Hi, I'm Erin Marie, BWFwoman + Founder of manifestHERdaily

Not long ago, I had my rock bottom moment

I experienced a devastating divorce, moved half-way across the country and left almost everything I loved behind.

I was a successful Mom, MBA, Corporate Executive and Entrepreneur who was used to winning, and

I felt like I had lost it all.

I needed a clear, comprehensive plan. If I can be honest with you, I wanted it ALL.

I was ready for more.

you deserve more

When you ask God for something, be READY to receive.

Join us in a immersive Christian learning experience and learn the process to gaining the abundantly rich, God-focused life that Christ designed to fulfill desires of our hearts.

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If you want more for yourself, this Manifestation Masterclass will definitely help get you there.

When I started…I lacked direction. By separating my life using Erin’s method, I was able to focus on each aspect of my life, one at a time. This process redirected my ability to truly get a grasp on my full life. I am forever grateful for this process and I will be doing this every year!

- Maria Antoinette

Beauty and Wellness Influencer, Knoxville, TN
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It was pure therapy for my soul.

Early 2019, I had the opportunity to take Manifestation Masterclass, and Erin helped me unlock my desires and manifest goals in my finances, business, marriage, friendships…including the birth of a healthy baby boy, finding my perfect home in Atlanta, improving financially and aligning spiritually.

-Dayna Bolden

Influencer and Founder of
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Erin has really helped me to get back to God.

Erin really had me dig deep. Some things really moved faster than I expected. I was offered and I accepted a job. I eventually wrote about everything I wanted that job to be in my manifestation letter. Erin has really helped me to get back to God. These days, I focus on the Word. I have not left Erin’s guidance. I re-read all my notes often. I focus on all that I have to be thankful for, and I put in my best effort.

-TC C.


events designed to enrich and restore

Join us for a life-changing, luxurious, spiritual growth experience.

You’ll be in awe of what He does when you simply create space.

Receive the spiritual, mental, and physical refreshing you’ve been looking for while enjoying a relaxing, highly curated experience with BWFwoman. You’ve been working hard, and you deserve to step away to fill your spirit so that you can realize the extraordinary life that God has for you.

the podcast

Nourish Your Soul Daily

manifestHERdaily is our community’s Podcast hosted by Erin Marie (aka @BWFwoman), premiering monthly on YouTube. Join in for a morning devotional and girlfriend’s chat like no other! Comment, chat and receive inspiration to keep Christ in the center of your life.

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The Method Behind the MHD Journal

I created this journal with a vision of empowering and uplifting every woman who feels a calling towards a more purposeful life centered around Christ. This journal is a vessel of love, a collection of affirmations and activities, all meticulously curated to help you navigate through the year with faith and grace.

It’s a reflection of the journey I embarked on, and now, it’s your turn to embrace this path, explore your spiritual growth, and manifest the beautiful plans God has in store for you.

join the community

In the manifestHERdaily community, you’re equipped with the connections and resources you desire to show up authentically every day with Christ in the center of your life, manifesting an abundant, God-inspired vision. There is power in unity, and when you access unity along with other women who believe this transformational truth, anything is possible.

more than a journal, this is a movement

A movement of purposeful women who savor their time with God in prayer and praise. Women who are INTENTIONAL about keeping Christ in the center as this is the BEST way for us to show up daily. If this is YOU, join ME, so that together WE experience God and His abundant heart, His vision and His abundant purpose for His daughters.

MHD Development

Erin Marie founded MHD Development for the MHD community with the purpose of allowing anyone, particularly the women in this community, to acquire a tiny home in our micro-community for AirBNB investment. The first community is named The Renew Retreat, and is a wellness sanctuary, where you can go and be renewed, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Watch for more about this journey on our manifestHERdaily Instagram in 2024.