About Erin Marie AND manifestHERdaily

I am your Purpose Partner, manifestHER Mentor and Breakthrough Bestie.

Since 2012, I’ve helped thousands of women uncover their ability to receive their heart’s desire, shift into an abundance mindset and create extraordinary lives.

I began in 1999 with a group of women I led called Renew, and now, I’ve taught thousands of women around the world how to manifest the life of their dreams…God’s way.

My assignment and my purpose is to help you get clear on your God-inspired vision and begin living a life that represents your authentic hearts desire.

In the manifestHERdaily community, you’re equipped with the connections and resources you desire to show up authentically every day with Christ in the center of your life, manifesting an abundant, God-inspired vision. There is power in unity, and when you access unity along with other women who believe this transformational truth, anything is possible.


“In 2012, I experienced a devastating divorce,
moved half-way across the country and left almost
everything I loved behind.

I was a successful Mom, MBA, Corporate Executive and Entrepreneur who was used to winning, and I felt like I had lost it all.

My relationship with God was my foundation during this time, and I knew God had MORE for me, but I couldn’t find any resources that detailed how to reclaim myself and the extraordinary abundance I knew existed (due to reading His Word), particularly when it came to being married again…I had a calling to be a wife and I KNEW it!

I also knew that this blessing was divinely mine as a Christian. I just knew there had to be immense success in life that would balance the huge challenges and setbacks I had conquered.

The problem I had was that as a Christian woman, the only resources and books I could find were those that revolved around “the universe” or “just think positive” types of teaching.

If God had given us all the answers, where where they in the Bible and why weren’t there more educational resources about them?

I needed a clear, comprehensive plan. It didn’t make any sense to just achieve a great marriage – or to just have financial success.

If I can be honest with you,
I wanted it ALL.

My solution? I prayed and studied.

The plan God revealed to me was based solidly in following the Word of God and learning how to write the vision and make it plain in your life, according to Habakkuk 2:2.

I felt like I had discovered a secret, but it really wasn’t a secret at all. It was clearly described in the Bible…except I had never been taught how to actualize this scripture.

What do I mean? You CAN achieve the physical fulfillment of God’s Word in your life, gained through a realignment with the truth of His Word.

“And blessed is she who believed that there would be a fulfillment of what had been spoken to her by the Lord.” Luke 1:45

Believe it’s too late for you? I’ve been there. Do you question your worth? I understand this mindset.

Have you asked yourself “who am I to even receive what I’m asking for?”

I’ve been there, too.

And then I discovered a revolutionary way to teach this plan as well as the how behind applying it, and began teaching others.

I conducted 3 years of research in the Word specific to what our beliefs and daily spiritual practice needs to be in order to best position us for alignment with God’s best for our lives.

This includes a deep abiding relationship with God, vibrant mental energy, financial abundance, fulfilling marriages, flourishing relationships, thriving businesses, and excellent health…

And since then, I’ve been helping women design their lives according to the Word, uncovering their purpose as well as God’s best for them in the process.

Today, my Masterclass has been completed
by hundreds of women

around the world.

I’ve helped women rediscover their power through Christ, helped them write their vision and make it plain…and actually live it successfully – not only thriving, but flourishing in their purpose and walking in joyful abundance in every area of their lives.

my core values


We Are Christ-Centered

We keep Christ in the center, as that’s the best way to show up daily. When Christ is in the center of everything, your foundation is solid and you are positioned to flourish. Keeping Christ in the center is a practice, and this practice is what manifestHERdaily helps you make a daily priority.


We are HOT

Our community embraces being HOT – Honest, Open and Transparent – as this is the path to authenticity and healing. We believe that safe, sacred spaces are defined by the extent to which they are HOT. This level of authentic living is what we enjoy in manifestHERdaily, as it’s essential to our expansion and elevation.


We Are Transformed

Our community’s foundational scripture is Romans 12:2, which says that we are transformed by the renewing of our minds. We believe in continuous renewal of our minds according to this scripture. We adopt the word of God in our thought processes, leading to rich transformation and peace of mind.


We Are Worthy

Jesus came so that we would be empowered to live an abundant life in Him. Often, women struggle with feeling worthy, but in this community we embrace our worthiness, as it brings God glory to fully live and maximize our lives where He is leading. Worthiness is a key part of our calling.

the official bio

Erin Marie Waller, MBA

Erin Marie Waller, MBA,
CEO of manifestHERdaily,
is a Christian Mentor, Author, Speaker, and Teacher

who created this platform in 1999 to help spiritual women who want MORE learn how to create a personal vision inspired by Christ, design powerful lives so they can experience deep satisfaction, and develop an intimate relationship with God that leads to transformational clarity. Together, we intentionally manifest HER – we keep Christ in the center as that’s the best way to show up daily.

With almost 200,000 YouVersion Bible App subscribers and over 225,000 downloads of her popular I AM Beautiful Wild Free podcast, manifestHERdaily has touched thousands of women around the globe, fostering sisterhood, growth and community and inspiring women to create deeper, more satisfying, spiritual relationships with God.

Erin Marie is a seeker of God, a believer that with God anything is possible, a wife, mother, entrepreneur, author, and speaker who has been featured on ABC, is a Boss Women Media Woman of the Year, and an invited guest speaker at the ESSENCE Music Festival.

She enjoys teaching about the Biblical roots of mindset, meditation, the manifestation of God, and the curating of sacred spaces for rich community —like manifestHERdaily—that provide women with healing, elevation, and JOY.

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The Community

If you’ve been looking for an inspirational Christian community of women to connect with, you’ve found it.

manifestHERdaily is a rich, fulfilling community that is our sacred space. Our virtual and in-person events and experiences cultivate spaces where you can be vulnerable and learn and grow in Christ. We keep it HOT – honest, open, transparent – and make the spiritual practical for intentional implementation.

Join us and walk with BWFwoman and other women who love God and are being transformed by the renewing of our minds, while accessing a powerful purpose in Christ that is exceedingly, abundantly above all we can ask or think.

"You, pursuing God, causes you to be pursued by the things of God."

- Erin Marie

Let’s Work Together

Join the movement and deepen your prayer and Christian meditation practice, all while growing closer to God with BWFwoman’s LIVE Morning Miracle Meditations and enjoying a closer community and sisterhood.

This transformational experience will change your life and elevate your perspective, expanding your vision of what God has for you! MFDsociety supports your intentional pursuit of a deeper relationship with God through a community that helps you connect with God and other Godly women; and a live-streamed morning devotion, prayer and Christian meditation practice led by BWFwoman according to Joshua 1:8 which says “Study this Book of Instruction continually. Meditate on it day and night so you will be sure to obey everything written in it. Only then will you prosper and succeed in all you do.”

for women who want more

for women who want more

for women who want more

for women who want more

“...I was able to focus on each aspect, one at a time. This process redirected my ability to truly get a grasp on my full life. I am forever grateful for this process and I will be doing this every year!”

Maria Antionette,

Knoxville, TN

“This class was truly divine, life-changing and exactly what I needed. I had gone through several years of feeling spiritually depleted and on the first session, I felt a shift. It is evident that Erin is living what she is teaching.

Jackie Hill,

Atlanta, GA

“Early 2019, I had the opportunity to take Manifestation Masterclass, and Erin helped me unlock my desires and manifest goals in my finances, business, marriage, friendships…including the birth of a healthy baby boy, finding my perfect home in Atlanta, improving financially and aligning spiritually.

It was pure therapy for my soul.”

Dayna Bolden,

Atlanta, GA

“Trust Erin’s wisdom and skills, she is a representative of God and has the ability to break down scripture for you to chew and digest.

She is a true gift. I recommend the BWFwoman Manifestation Masterclass to anyone who has been stuck and ready to get off the hamster wheel. You will be in good hands.”

Nellie Martins,

Boston, MA

“I couldn’t have asked for anything better.

The entire experience is just unbelievable and it’s something that I’m looking forward to growing into. I want to be on the path God has for me.”

Tia Jones,

Upper Marlboro, MD