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Kingdom Kurrency Prayer Challenge + Journal System

In my morning meditation and quiet time, God told me that our prayers are currency in His Kingdom.

As James 5:16 confirms that “the prayers of the righteous person is powerful and effective.” As a result, I created this Kingdom Kurrency journal system – a 90 day prayer challenge binder with custom pages, currency cards, envelopes and more, making prayer practical, because if you want to increase your effectiveness and success, you must pray.

Join our Feminine Energy Kingdom Kurrency Prayer Challenge and Journal System

Starting February 14, 2024, my new Feminine Energy 90 Day Prayer Challenge and Journal system drops!

You’ll be able to join me as we pray over ourselves in four key areas: our minds, our alignment (with the man in our lives or that we are believing for), our fragrance – ie. spiritual fragrance, which you’ll learn more about through the challenge, and our spirit. 

We are realigning ourselves with what the Bible says is feminine and attractive, which is so different from what the world and culture would like us to think. Unlock greater revelation and shift into the feminine position that God designed for you, so you can amplify your feminine energy in Christ and receive everything that is your portion as an aligned woman!

Self-Guided Marriage Kingdom Kurrency Prayer Challenge and Journal System

As I’ve gone through transitions in my marriage, and we’ve grown into the space of marriage, I can testify that if I hadn’t gone to God in prayer, we wouldn’t be where we are today.

Praying for my husband literally changed the trajectory of our marriage, inviting miracles and manifestations of God’s power in the most ideal and perfect times. God’s timing truly is PERFECT.

If you’re believing in God for a husband, it’s time to start praying NOW. If you’re believing fin God for a better, stronger marriage, let’s pray together during this challenge.

This Marriage Kingdom Kurrency Challenge and Journal System is fueling miracles and manifestations of GOD in our marriages and in the lives of those who desire a Kingdom Marriage. We did not come to play, but we are laying it all down before His throne, and activating faith WITH works. This is where the work is done…through prayer.

Join In On the Movement

The Kingdom Kurrency Prayer Challenge and Journal System is perfect for Women’s Bible Studies, friend groups and individuals who want to join in with others who are like minded to strengthen your prayer life and achieve solid, tangible results in your life through prayer!

Each Kingdom Kurrency Challenge and Journal System includes: