About Us

What is manifestHER Daily?

ManifestHER Daily is a monthly journal subscription featuring a new, beautifully curated, journal delivered to your door every month. Each month's edition includes a planner, custom Christian devotionals, guided mediation prompts, journaling prompts, habit and activity trackers, recipes, I AM Affirmations and so much more.

With each month's edition of ManifestHER Daily, you're empowered to master the consistency and focus necessary to continue showing up for your life significantly and successfully. It’s just enough for each month, meaning no more half-empty journals!

Each month is aligned with a new positive theme, access to exclusive high-impact Success Coaching, and resources like monthly guided meditation affirmation episodes, so you can listen and enjoy empowering, custom Christian affirmations that help you remain focused and empowered. We are renewing our minds according to Roman 12:2!

Our Founder + Editor-In-Chief

A dream about this journal woke me up one night. The @BWFwoman community had been asking for a journal for a long time, but I can only move from a place of intention, and I had to wait for God to show me the inspiration. I woke up realizing that we needed a journal that would provide guidance, but that we also needed a community of women to journal with. Where there is unity, there is strength. God gave me a "method" - an entire system - to help you achieve significance and success, while keeping your focus on Christ who is in the center of it all. When we do this, it's the absolute best way to show up daily.

Let's manifestHER Daily!

- Erin Marie, aka @BWFwoman


Our Core Values