When Women Are Determined...

In September, I had the honor of hosting yet another beautiful Renew Retreat. Our annual Renew Retreat is an opportunity for women who believe and are willing to do the work to come together in a luxurious, affirming environment.

Our theme this year was one word - New - but to capture how this played out over the weekend in words really can’t be done. How do you verbalize the combination of true sisterhood, complete acceptance, pure joy, and freedom to be yourself as you elevate into words? It’s about so much more than staying at a beautiful property, experiencing a glorious beach, having a private chef (even one as AH-MAZING as Chef Dani!!) and wearing cute outfits.

It’s about leaving with something intangible…something other people can’t see, except through the radiance in your eyes…it’s about leaving the Renew Retreat as a different woman. A CHANGED woman. A deeply SATISFIED woman. Why? Because you are doing the things most people don’t do - so you will get the things that most people won’t have.

My intention with this event and with everything we do in the BWFwoman community is to set you up for success. To help you engage in the spiritual laws that work every single time. Not everyone is ready to up level, and that’s ok. But for those who are…baybaaayyy - we are ready for you!

It’s the radiance for me...

Let's manifestHER Daily. 

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