It's the INTENTION for me.

What do you do when you discover that God has established a pattern for your success? That the ways you've been moving in life actually affect the results you're achieving? What we speak and expect matters, because your life follows the way you think. (Proverbs 23:7)

I think back to that night that I sat on the floor of my empty house, after my marriage fell apart. I grasped at the crumbled remains in disbelief and the tears wouldn't stop. But in that moment, God told me He would make me beautiful, wild and free again - He would restore me beyond what I could imagine, but this time...we would do it HIS way with HIS methods.

I've seen His words to me that night made manifest in every area of my life, exactly as He said it would, from a beautiful new marriage, successful businesses and most of all, a gentle and transformational relationship with God, and I want to share it with you. This method IS your manifestHER Daily journey and I'm here for it, to walk with you every step!

@manifestherdaily helps us keep Christ in the center, as that's the best way for us to show up daily. It is THE method God guided me through, that led me - and so many women I have taught - into success, both practically and spiritually!

It's a LUXE Christian guided meditation, planner and devotional experience that features beautifully crafted, artisanal design and materials, but most of all, it houses the manifestHER Daily Method that guides you along an inspirational success path...and it's just enough for you for 30 days, until you get the new one the next month! Yes - it's an affordable subscription where you'll receive a new beautiful package every month!

Coupled with high-level Success Coaching so you know how to maximize it, the manifestHER Daily Method will help you envision, elevate and enjoy your life!

Let's manifestHER Daily.

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